Cambridge Research Seminars

These will be happening on Tuesday at 17.00 from 9 February 2021 onwards

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Clinical studies and trials at Cambridge


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Primary biliary cholangitis

Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Autoimmune hepatitis

Liver transplantation



Areas of research:

Autoimmune liver disease/PBC/PSC:  George Mells (Cambridge) and Simon Rushbrook (Norwich)

Hepatocellular carcinoma:  Matt Hoare (Cambridge), Vicky Snowdon (Cambridge)

NASH/alcohol:  Mike Allison (Cambridge)

Metabolic liver disease:  Bill Griffiths (Cambridge)

Liver transplantation:  Alex Gimson (Cambridge), Will Gelson (Cambridge) and Jo Leithead (Cambridge)

Hepatitis:  Will Gelson (Cambridge)

Portal hypertension: Jo Leithead (Cambridge), Vicky Snowdon (Cambridge)

Pulmonary complications of liver disease: Sambit Sen (Luton)

Please make contact if you would like any details regarding the above.