Cambridge Research Seminars

The next seminar will be at 1700 on Tuesday 11th May. Our two speakers will be:

  • Dr Wei-Yu Lu from University of Birmingham. T lymphocyte – Epithelial interaction during liver regeneration.
  • Mr Foad Rouhani from University of Cambridge. Somatic mutations and clonal expansions in cirrhosis

The Zoom details for this seminar are:

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Meeting ID: 913 4460 2150

Passcode: 398255

The following seminar will be at 1700 on Tuesday 8th June. Zoom details for subsequent seminars will be posted here and mailed out. The timetable of speakers for the rest of the year can be found here.

Clinical studies and trials at Cambridge


See link

Primary biliary cholangitis

Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Autoimmune hepatitis

Liver transplantation



Areas of research:

Autoimmune liver disease/PBC/PSC:  George Mells (Cambridge) and Simon Rushbrook (Norwich)

Hepatocellular carcinoma:  Matt Hoare (Cambridge), Vicky Snowdon (Cambridge)

NASH/alcohol:  Mike Allison (Cambridge)

Metabolic liver disease:  Bill Griffiths (Cambridge)

Liver transplantation:  Alex Gimson (Cambridge), Will Gelson (Cambridge) and Gwil Webb (Cambridge)

Hepatitis:  Will Gelson (Cambridge)

Portal hypertension: Vicky Snowdon (Cambridge)

Pulmonary complications of liver disease: Sambit Sen (Luton)

Please make contact if you would like any details regarding the above.